You are respected in your field, you are making a huge impact in the world, and you make great money in the process. People seek you out – to listen to you, to learn from you, to hire you.

Somehow, after a few years of running your business, you are wondering – what is this cash-eating monster I’ve created?!

Connie looks to partner with businesses in creating a solid financial plan for keeping more money and paying themselves well. Marry the plan with an easy to implement cash handling system and you are one step closer to creating financial maturity for your business. And you’ll have coaching and mentorship based on her 30+ years in the accounting field and 19+ years of business ownership.

Connie is known for blending the practical accounting activities and knowledge, with the spiritual side that includes abundant mindset and Universal Law. It’s time you approach money with both the masculine and the feminine, with structure and with a little magic.