I have been helping small business owners, like yourself, for over 13 years. Most small business owners are really great at their specific trade, but not so great when it comes to technology. Some are very creative while others are very technical – but not usually both. 

I bring both worlds together to serve your needs. I am a very creative and visual person (background is in photography) but I also understand web technology and marketing. I can relate to anyone from an artist to an engineer. I can break down complicated concepts and put them into a language that you can understand. 

I create websites for small business owners – but I offer so much more. I offer all my hands-on experience. The techniques I use I have learned first hand – they are what I do in my own business. I can give you a real life perspective on marketing strategies – ones that have worked for me in the past, and ones that have not. 

I love using tools to make my business life easier. I share these with clients that are interested. If you have a hangup in your business – share that with me. I may have already come up with a tool or solution you can use. We are all hear to learn from each other. I openly share tools I use, strategies that work, and thought processes. 

I offer a business owner a complete package – If I do not have the answer it is very likely that I know someone who does. My network runs deep!