POPmindset.com was founded out of a desire to Empower other Entrepreneurs to communicate clearer, gain clients easier, build their confidence, and step into the success they desired! 

Through personal and group coaching, I see women, and a few wonderful men, pinpoint their market, become clear on their message, and learn to speak all 4 “Flock” languages to connect easier and stronger with those they meet!  

Helping Business Owners improve the culture and atmosphere in the office through a simple 2 hour class is powerful!  When they all understand each other better, walls come down, empathy increases, and productivity improves.  

Those who want to combine learning, goal setting, self-care, and adventure join us on our Retreats!  They only come along 2 times a year and are a powerful boost to business.

To support my Entrepreneurs, personal or office training fits into anyone’s schedule and budget.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.

As a Gift for my Networking Friends, I am happy to present the Fun information “Are You My Flock” as a guest speaker at your next networking meeting.